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Inn Name: ACE Gillam Bed and Breakfast
Address 1: Box 190
Address 2:
City: Gillam
State / Province: MB
Postal Code: R0B 0L0
Phone Number: 1-888-286-0433
Description: Modern 2400 sq. ft house - as light housekeeping rentals for work crews or tourists. Large bright kitchen, dining room, common area, 5 bedrooms & 2 full baths. Rates - day, week, month or long term. Special rates for Sports teams and long term work crews.
Property Type: Inn - Guest House
Property Setting: In Town
Breakfast Type: Continental Breakfast
Lowest Room Price Range: $50
Highest Room Price Range: $100
In Room Amenities - at least one room has the amenity
Accepts Kids Microwave Television
Kitchen Sitting Area
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